Rural Innovation Support Service (RISS) – PCN Chitin Biocontrol

Our Business Development Manager, Helen Glass, is pleased to be facilitating another RISS group with our partners.  The group is working with three Scottish agri co-operatives and supporting a group of Angus farmers in order to develop and define a robust trial approach to validate whether compost high in chitin can act as a non-chemical approach to decrease the level of PCN in potato and daffodil bulb fields.

They aim to produce a research proposal and an outline commercialisation plan. If the trials are successful, there is commercial potential to establish an approved, Scottish-based composting facility using the waste shells from the Scottish shellfish supply chain, as well as developing an agronomic biocontrol strategy that will be relevant to Scottish potato and daffodil growers in maintaining their domestic and export markets for their crops.

Still in the early stages, you can read more on this group and keep abreast of all updates through this link