Matchmaking Scottish Farmers With Land

Stephen Young from SAOS is currently facilitating this Rural Innovation Support Service (RISS) group which is beginning to explore the two issues of an ageing farming population and lack of access to Scottish farmland for new entrants. Other countries have this model of land matching service in place and through RISS, Scotland is beginning to explore these issues with this key project.

Working in partnership with NFUS, The Land Commission, Scottish Association of Young Farmers, Scottish Land and Estates and National Forestry Estate tenants the group is looking at various approaches. Research into models that are currently employed in other countries and that work really well are currently being assessed and how a land matching service in Scotland would operate and how it would be funded are key considerations at this early stage of the groups thinking. All will help inform the final project plan.

All information on this project and other work ongoing through RISS  is available at this link