Innovation in Scottish Agriculture

Great news this week for The Rural Innovation Support Service Fast Breeders who are among three projects to receive innovation funding from the Scottish Government through the Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund (KTIF). Investment to the value of £175,000 also included awards to SAOS for two further projects –

The East/West Beed Grazing Collaboration Pilot run by SAOS which has been awarded £43,620 to work toward establishing evidence on the financial and environmental value of moving cattle to lower cost natural resources.

The second project is the Practical, Environmental and Financial Feasibility of using Woodchip Bedding for Livestock in the West of Scotland.  This project has been awarded £35,482 and aims to use locally produced chipped wood as an alternative to straw bedding providing a sustainable and potentially cost-saving alternative.

Looking forward to getting this work underway and sharing the outcomes.