Scotland is renowned for its fantastic larder of food and drink. Coupled with our flair for business and innovation, Scotland’s food industry is a showcase for some of the world’s most popular, premium products.

We are keen to help food and drink businesses across Scotland continue to develop successfully. Nowadays, supply chains are a vital part of that success. Effective supply chains mean that everyone in the chain is informed, engaged and able to meet increasing demand from primary production to consumer basket.

At SAOS, we are Scotland’s leading expert organisation in food and drink co-operation and collaborative supply chains. We specialize in helping many different sectors of the food industry from farmer to processor.

Market Driven Supply Chain

How frustrating is it when good sales are generated but the business falls because of problems with logistics or supply or market entry support?

Understanding how to fix these problems can often be too difficult and time-consuming for companies. The Market Driven Supply Chain Project (MDSC) helps unlock some of the biggest and most lucrative market opportunities for the Scottish food and drink sector. With unique specialist supply chain expertise and practical insight to the routes to market, the project team can help sectors and businesses achieve their own growth objectives.


Connect Local

Connect Local is a great new local advisory service for food and drink entrepreneurs, micro-businesses and SMEs in Scotland.

If you operate in the Scottish food and drink sector, Connect Local can help with:

  • Finding new local market opportunities Adding value, for example, improving market information and knowledge, and advice on branding
  • Accessing and applying for private and public funding support
  • Maximising the value and sales from attending events
  • Accessing information on food and drink legislation and business development support

Project News

  • Articles in Farmers Weekly and AHDB website

    November 14, 2016